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Founded in 1994 by Fahrettin ÖZGÖRGEN and Mehmet AKİFOĞLU in Bursa, our company has been advancing its goals within the framework of its vision and mission since its establishment. Our company, which has been operating in the production of auto upholstery fabrics for a quarter of a century, works both with the patterns of the original brands and with its own unique patterns. Believing in the importance of customer satisfaction, special fabric patterns with the desired characteristics and quality are produced. According to your request, sponge bonding and flame lamination can be made in various thicknesses. With our ever-growing goals, our family is expanding, our designs are diversifying and our quality standards are increasing. Following the international R&D studies related to our industry has been one of the most important building blocks that have increased our quality. In this journey that we started in 1994, we are excited by giving special touches to people’s living spaces with more than 1200 fabric types, reflecting their dreams and emphasizing their differences. We support this dynamism of our team, which does not compromise on quality and puts the customer satisfaction to the firs place, by constant improvement policy that we adopt.


Our vision is to lead our country to take its place in the international competition in the textile industry, to increase the production by contributing to the development of the textile industry, to increase the dependency of Europe and the world in the textile sector to our country.


Keeping the trust of our customers and the quality standard of our products above all commercial concerns,

To follow the quality principle first in management and production,

Leading the development of the textile industry, which is a crucial sector of the our country,

To contribute to the employment by opening new business areas,

Not to be content with what we know, but to be open to continuous learning.


Our strength is to be pioneer and different in the sector and to be preferred.

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